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Avocado's secret recipe :iconmacmaker101:Macmaker101 1 7 Chakat Avocado comparison meme :iconmacmaker101:Macmaker101 0 0 Chakat Avocado's super ID stat :iconmacmaker101:Macmaker101 0 0 A fellow chakat enjoying hir new camera :iconmacmaker101:Macmaker101 7 0
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The Years yet to Come :iconmacmaker101:Macmaker101 0 0
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Avocado's secret recipe
Me, Chakat Avocado is serving up hir friend chakat thriceborn some good 'ol guacamole and nacho's with a secret recipe in mind :3 In no time, shi'll become well rounded.

Chakat Thriceborn belongs to   chakatthriceborn

The artwork belongs to the magnificent   MehndiX
The chakat species and the universe belongs to   goldfur
As you like, please sound off and tell me what you think :3
Chakat Avocado comparison meme
The left is who I am in RL and apparently in the CU, my human version of Avocado which is simply Avo or Avedis.

Copyright ownership for the creation of the chakats and all that is applicable under copyright law belongs to   goldfur 

the owner of the character, which is myself owns the character.
The artwork belongs to   sethtriggs
Chakat Avocado's super ID stat
The link to the super ID stat is here,… 

The artwork of my character belongs to   sethtriggs
the chakat universe and the chakat species stand-alone belong to   goldfur
A fellow chakat enjoying hir new camera
Year: 2365
Age: 24

Recently, Chakat Avocado previously was a human male. His name was Avo Ghazarian. Due to personal issues and fear of persecution, shi, or he as Avo decided that he needed to leave the bigoted life of being a human and live the way of a chakat. This was done via ocean walker method in the transformations novel here,…

After all of the struggles shi went through after hir transformation, shi still has a hobby that shi enjoyed as a human and no more or less as a chakat. Coincidentally, shi chose Avocado as hir namesake due to the love of adding avocados to hir food and it is a rl nickname shi was given by hir friends.

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." ~ Nelson Mandela

Artwork belongs to the one and only   sethtriggs Used with permission, do not redistribute without notifying me and Seth. Thank you

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Avedis Ghazarian
January 30th 2017
How was the world before the years of slaughter and sex slaves were really like?

DISCLAIMER: Reader discretion is advised. All of the following is fictional, coincidental and made up. Reader be warned...

On the dawn of the twenty first century, people around the world were celebrating a new year and a new millennium. Technology at the time was advancing and getting considerably more affordable to the mass consumer. The development of affordable reusable rocketry and spacecraft by private enterprise marked the dawn of commercialized spaceflight becoming reality. Computers and phones became smaller and more powerful simultaneously and now comes the existence of cellular phones with power that dwarf the computing power of the rockets that once took us to the moon for the first time. We even developed cars that took a smaller environmental footprint on the Earth, which we now call Terra and are able to drive by autonomously. However, it was also a time when political and social upheaval was considerably rampant in many walks of life, all the way up to this time. Events that mentioned such included racial bigotry, war profiteering, domestic and foreign terrorism. Fast forward to a couple years later. The year is 2025; the United States was in decline due to the economic crash of 2018, but the rest of the world faced the economic crash, fared better. The result was due to the horrific presidency of Trump and his erratic, national and international policies and executive orders. During that time, many high tech companies, which had a large sum of money in stock, were desperate to flee the United States and seek a safe haven like Japan, Australia and other nations, on the fear factor that their projects, especially the company would be at stake by the following administration’s agenda on high technology. Many of them of-course were in the scientific field of stem cell research and advance propulsion technologies that would enable us to travel to the stars. In the year 2029, Japanese propulsion engineers and scientists have come across a breakthrough in a way to travel feasibly through interstellar space. This was an exciting time for many space enthusiasts, engineers and scientists since traveling among the stars was getting so much closer. It also happens to be one of mankind’s oldest dreams. Then, in an unrelated field of science a few years later, a scientific firm in China has discovered an amazing breakthrough in stem cell research. The cause of this breakthrough was thanks to the technology based on an older method of genetic manipulation called Crispr CAS 9. The scientists performed an experiment on a Tigress by injecting some sort of virus created by the gene splicer technique, using human DNA. The process took 90 days and 8 hours and then, the tigress became pregnant and when birthing arrived, a tiger, or should I say genetically modified animal human hybrid emerged. Unlike it’s birth parents, it had similar resemblance fundamentally to any human with a couple differences with fangs, a muzzle, skin with fur, tail, claws with arms, legs, hands and fingers with retractable claws but also had the intelligence and potential of any human regardless of how it was raised. The hybrid turned out to be a male and was he was named Louis Cloverfield. Scientists also had to come up with a name that was appropriate species wise, and came up with the idea of morphs. The reason was due to a popular connection of anthromorphic animals from the furry fandom. Louis Cloverfield was the first morph ever created and considered the first sentient non human being with multiple genetic traits. At that time, people began arguing about morphs and the controversy of their existence and thought little to known of their human level intelligence, capabilities and instead decided they were no more valuable than animals or machines. In hindsight, this was eventually how the Gene Wars started. Greed took over at some point and people freaked out and got excited at the same time. Humans even thought of having them relegated to things like sex slaves, slave labor and have them fight wars alongside with the killer robots and paramilitary forces protecting their sex slave capital.

If anyone asks, this was inspired by the Simpsons with Lisa becoming president after Trump.
The Years yet to Come
Avedis Ghazarian
January 30th 2017
How was the world before the years of slaughter and sex slaves were really like?

If anyone asks, this was inspired by the Simpsons with Lisa becoming president after Trump.

I thought of writing this cause it inspired me about something withTthe Simpsons and felt like I had some sort of familiar philosophical style like Matt Groening.

A lonely man, an elusive puma-morph, or something in-between?

A well rounded peg that often has trouble fitting in one of the square holes.


Sometimes I just cannot find people or the people cannot find me.

Sometimes they do not understand me or the other way around.


Why so often do I end up being alone and under appreciated by many?
Why do I end also being some lone ranger as a social outcast compared to the status quo?

Is it because I am too plain, too normal or too much of a human on the inside?
Is it because of faith, luck, or mere existence?

The world either hates my guts for fun and stuff or simply is just a pie in the sky.
The people online that I speak to are either like smiling clowns with all other emotions void or just jerks after me.

It's just a thought. I wish to all a happy life and to those happy online! Enjoy yourselves! =^^=


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Avedis Kevork Ghazarian
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States



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